Monthly Archive: July 2009

Sexy iPhone Apps?

Here’s a post listing 30 iPhone apps with sexy interfaces.

Meat Clock

Meat Clock - for iPhone and iPod Touch!

I don’t know, but I think Meat Clock is pretty darn sexy!  Just look at the those numbers…  and that steak that seduces you into the next minute by slowly ticking across the bottom of the screen?  Yeah, that’s hot.

(and yes, it is for sale at the App Store…)
Just search for ‘Meat Clock’ or try this link to the app store.

Watch out, I’ve got Heely’s on…

Heely’s are definitely the best thing to ever happen to footwear.  After years of watching the kids and being a little bit jealous, I found the adult sizes online and there you have it.

Heelys, the ones I got.
Heely’s, the ones I got.

Number of times I’ve fallen: 1

Number of people who have said “I didn’t know they made them in adult sizes!”: 8

Number of people who have said they are going to get some also: 2