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Eat your heart out… with this iPhone App!

Brownstone Pizzeria iPhone App, Quick-dial screen

Brownstone Pizzeria iPhone App, Quick-dial screen

This just in… APPROVED: iPizza: Brownstone Pizzeria – Eagle Rock, CA. This one is targeted to the local small business.  In this case, I’ve created an app for Brownstone Pizzeria in Eagle Rock, CA.  This place has delicious thin-crust pizza and the owners are really great.

The Brownstone Pizzeria App was an excercise in creating an app that could be easily translated to work for other pizza places, restaurants, or any business that might want to give away a free app to their customers, offering them a chance to tap into any daily specials that will keep them coming back for more (and more often).  And the easy quick-dial button makes phone in orders a breeze.

I could see making an app like this for anyone interested.  In fact, if you are interested you can contact me here.


Now Available in the iTunes App Store Brownstone Pizzeria App.

Call & Win, for iPhone


Call & Win has been rejected by Apple.  No explanation.  I did, however, get a call from an Apple app checker.  We had a nice conversation on the issues that might cause rejection (this was before it was rejected officially).  The two important issues that came up for this app were:

-You can’t make an app that deals with contests and prizes.  Even though this app doesn’t really fall under that situation, it did sell itself as a contest winning tool of sorts.

-They can reject an app that doesn’t offer any unique functionality.  Basically, they don’t want the app store filled up with “Hello World” apps.  I can understand that.

I plan on reworking this app to make it a little more functional and sell it more as a productivity/time-saver app.  That is, if I get around to it since I’m now working on a unique game that parents will love because it should keep kids quite…

This app has been submitted and is currently waiting for approval from Apple.  Expect it to be available in the App Store around July 21.

screen_in_phoneWant to win those tickets to the Hollywood Bowl?  There’s an app for that!

Call & Win – Quick Dial KCRW is an easy to use ‘quick dialer’ that brings those awesome ticket giveaways and prizes within your reach.  Now you are only 2 clicks away from your chance to win.  Try putting Call & Win on your iPhone’s home screen and you won’t have to waste precious seconds flipping screens. If you don’t get through, you are automatically given the chance to redial.  It couldn’t be easier to dial the contest line over and over again. Good luck and make sure you have your KCRW membership number ready!