Slice an image in AfterEffects for making prints or ???

The following code will let you take an image… let’s say a photograph and slice it up into a bunch of tiles that can be saved and printed.
Step 1: Create a ‘render comp’ that is the size of the print you will want (ie. for a 4″x6″ print @ 300dpi, you would set the comp to be 1200px X 1800px) (this script assumes a framerate of 24fps)
Step 2: Place your photo/image/precomp into this render comp.
Step 3: Paste the following as an expression into the image layers’ ‘Anchor Point’ property…
compWidth = thisComp.width;
compHeight = thisComp.height;
srcWidth = width;
srcHeight = height;
countX = Math.ceil(srcWidth / compWidth);
countY = Math.ceil(srcHeight / compHeight);
centerOffsetX = (srcWidth%compWidth)/2;
centerOffsetY = (srcHeight%compHeight)/2
frame = time*24;
xCount = Math.ceil(srcWidth / compWidth);
yCount = Math.ceil(srcHeight / compHeight);
indexX = frame % xCount;
indexY = Math.floor(frame/xCount);
half_height = compHeight/2;
x = compWidth*indexX;
x += centerOffsetX;
y = compHeight*indexY;
y += centerOffsetY;
Step 4: Step through the render comp frame by frame and you should see the image moving to a new position each frame, that will seamlessly stitch back together. Render out an image sequence and send them off to the printer!

Essential plugins for your new wordpress site

After hacking together a new site I wanted to drop a note of all the things that ended up working to get it going. I think I’ve already forgotten the things that didn’t work or were quircky. Start with these and you’re most of the way there. Here we go…

Auto Terms of Service and Privacy Policy – because it makes your site look legit.

WP Example Content – so you can have some content to test with

WP Custom Header Footer – add google analytics to it

Simple Header Footer HTML – to add favicons, google analytics, etc

Social Media Feather – to add sharing links to posts and pages

Contact Form 7 – so people can reach you

Really Simple CAPTCHA – so spambots hopefully won’t reach you

Random Featured Image – because most posts look better with a featured image

Quick Adsense – because googles plugin is kind of demanding. This one is nice.

Easy WP SMTP – because sometimes you just can’t count on WP mail working

Breadcrumb NavXT – some themes seem to like it

I think that’s everything. Of course setting up Akismet and Jetpack is a good idea as well.

You can see the results here: TooManyRainbows