Restaurant App

Restaurant App Flyer

Restaurant App Flyer

Interested in having a custom app for your restaurant?  We have the solution!

Here are the features of the app:

  • One button dialing to phone in orders
  • Full menu embedded in the app (no internet needed, it’s always there in the app)
  • “Specials” page which can be updated remotely 24/7.  The app retrieves the latest info whenever they run the app
  • Map with location for easy sharing with friends.
  • Integrates with the iPhone map app to get directions from current location to your restaurant.
  • Ability for customers to email from within the app with any questions or concerns.

Need more reasons your restaurant will benefit from having a custom app? Ok:

People with iPhones are always interacting with them, swiping through screens to find certain apps.  With your app installed, customers are getting multiple impressions throughout the day that will keep your restaurant in mind.  And if you make it a habit to change the special frequently or offer rotating discounts, your customers will want to check everyday to see what’s new.

The app is produced by a designer and not an outsourced labor farm far away.

Your app is custom built to suit your needs.

A website will be available 24/7 so that the manager/owner can update the Daily Specials whenever they want.  The next time a customer uses the app the see what you posted right there within the app.  There is even a demo of this website here:  Restaurant Updater Demo (
(user:’demo’ / pass:’pass1234′)

There is a ‘cool factor’ when your business has its own place on the iPhone.

Eventually, apps will be like websites, and everyone will have their own.  Why wait.  Drop us a line via our contact page.