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Watch out, I’ve got Heely’s on…

Heely’s are definitely the best thing to ever happen to footwear.  After years of watching the kids and being a little bit jealous, I found the adult sizes online and there you have it.

Heelys, the ones I got.
Heely’s, the ones I got.

Number of times I’ve fallen: 1

Number of people who have said “I didn’t know they made them in adult sizes!”: 8

Number of people who have said they are going to get some also: 2

Arduino Midi Coffee Can Drumkit

arduino on breadboard

I am going to attempt to create an electronic drum kit with an Arduino and some coffee cans!  Based on the Knock Sensor circuit and the code for Drum Kit Kit I think I’ll be able to do it…  I will post updates as they happen. – info and links for the software portion that runs on your Mac – shows diagram of circuit with resistor and xener diode so you don’t blow out your Arduino – shows construction of pads and everything, with links to Serial Midi software, and most importantly an Arduino Sketch

Hello world!

Welcome to  This site is home to the many projects that I am working on or interested in.  My latest obsession has been with iPhone development.  This site will act as the home for the many apps that I currently have in the app store and plan to release in the future.  Enjoy.